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The Company

Fabbrica Isolatori Porcellana F.I.P. S.p.A. founded in 1919, boasts a prestige position and three generations of experience in the domestic and overseas electroceramic field.
Customers' growing needs added to technological evolution have long encouraged the company to develop machinery and quality control that are in line with the new demands in the field.
Continual and frequent investments together with decades of experience and reliability have made for an up to date, dynamic factory that is always engaged in steady development to both confirm and improve the quality of its products.
The F.I.P. range of production includes low, Mapmedium and high voltage insulators, post insulators up to 420 KV, hollow insulators up to 170 kV and insulators to customers' specifications.
This is the F.I.P. image: tradition, continuity, technical know-how and evolution, placed daily at both regular and prospective customers' disposal.

Fabbrica Isolatori Porcellana - F.I.P. S.p.A.
Seat: Via Novara, 171 - 28078 Romagnano Sesia (NO) - Italy
Tel. +39.0163.824811 - Fax +39.0163.824831
P.Iva 02411440155 - e-Mail: info@fipit.it